Saturday, November 3, 2007

Canucks sucking: discuss

I'm just not even sure what to think about the Vancouver Canucks. I can say I've been watching more Flames games and Eastern teams, because I just can't bring myself to tune in to a Canucks game.

But other people are talking about why they think the Canucks are off to such a bad start.

  • Canucks Hockey Blog: "It was a mess, and unfortunately for Bieksa, Salo and the Canucks' 'D,' it was a bloody mess."
  • Canucks and Beyond: "It’s hard to really work up a good head of insults about my least favorite team in the NHL [Colorado Avalanche], when my Canucks are currently flailing around like a beached whale searching for dinner."
  • False Gods: "This team is in disarray both on and off the ice."

What is really going to hurt the Canucks is the loss of Kevin Bieksa to a "lacerated calf muscle," although some are saying it's his Achilles tendon that got sliced.


EDIT: The Canucks put together some offense against the Avalanche on Saturday night - six points between the Bobsy Twins - but I've gotta wonder if they are going to trade for a defensemen. Soon. With Bieksa and Salo both out, they are looking weak back there.


the sieve said...

I dunno, Nate, I think they need the big winger who can score before they need more D. Taylor Pyatt is OK, but he's not first-line material.

I thought Edler and Bourdon looked pretty good on Saturday. Especially Edler. He was moving the puck well, making good decisions and winning races to the puck.

The injuries to Salo and Bieksa are temporary. I'd hate to see Nonis blow his trade wad on a band-aid when the Canucks really, really need some more scoring punch.

Bring us Foppa!

Nate Saxon said...

Don't you think that Kesler, Sedin, Naslund, Cooke, and Cowan are enough wingers?

Say what you want about Pyatt, but leaving him aside, the Canucks have enough "talent" up front that should be doing the job.

Nonis shouldn't have to trade for a winger.

the sieve said...

I agree he shouldn't have to, but the reality is he may have no choice.

We'll see, though. They looked decent again last night. And if Luongo starts playing like he did in the third period again on a regular basis, it won't matter what the rest of the team does. They'll still win all the time.