Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TiVo in Canada!

I've heard - from a reliable source - that TiVo has started exporting their boxes into Canada. What's more, electronics retailers across the country have started ordering the Series 2, 80-hour, dual-tuner boxes and you can expect to see them on shelves within days.

They'll likely be priced at around $200.

This is excellent news, actually, as TiVo is the best DVR available. Even if you have digital cable from a provider, send their crappy DVR back to them and get a TiVo box instead.

Then you'll understand why people who have used a TiVo go on and on about it, and why people really do love their TiVo.

My Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier.

I've started a thread over at the Future Shop Community Forums to track the latest on this.

Anyone other than me excited about this? Comments, please.

Mmmmm, TiVo.

LUNCH: haven't eaten it yet, but I'm looking forward to having a tasty pulled-pork sandwich


Kody said...

Hawt Damn! Something substantially digital I can buy to finally replace the two cameras I broke of me Dads.

Briana said...

I love my TiVo too. I would find it hard to give up.

Nate Saxon said...

I'm with you, Briana. I have to say that buying a TiVo was the best electronics purchase I've made in a couple of years.

the sieve said...

Hey Nate, why is a TiVo so much better than a run of the mill PVR? Explain, please.

Nate Saxon said...

Why, TiVo? Well, it's cheaper than any other PVR in Canada, to begin with, especially with a $200 price tag at the stores.

More importantly, though, the TiVo is simple to use and reliable. With one button push I can tell my TiVo to record the entire season of Dirty Sexy Money, and it will do so without copying duplicates or bothering me about what it needs to do.

It has made watching TV more enjoyable, to be honest. And when I'm watching TV now, I never surf, because I'm always watching something that I want to watch.

Does that help?