Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Green Riders prevail

So the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the 2007 Grey Cup champions. This despite the fact that they tried - really tried - to lose the game.

Yes, this year's Grey Cup was a comedy of errors, with only two offensive touchdowns in the entire game.

Twelve men on the Field have a great rundown of the game itself, as well as links to the mainstream sports media coverage. Extra points to them for invoking the most excellent Northern Pikes, too.

(Hey, the Pikes are touring! They were in Grand Prairie last weekend!)

Anyhow, the CFL is finished for this year. I think it was a lackluster ending, to be honest.

Now I can spend more time watching hockey and keeping a third eye on those Patriots, who almost got beat by the Eagles and a second-string quarterback on Sunday.

Final note: word today that the B.C. Lions have released Dave Dickenson. Whose got a thought on that move?

LUNCH: Carrot soup and a tuna sandwich

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