Friday, February 22, 2008

GDC 2008: Featuring Fable 2

Lionhead Studios’ Peter Molyneux has a storied life in video game development. His video game, Fable, was a next-gen game before next-gen consoles existed, and made inroads into the idea that the decisions and choices players made could have an impact on the story that was being told to them.

While Molyneux wasn’t able to get Fable to do everything he had hoped, he’s been talking up the sequel for a while, and claiming that it would be able to do some of the things - and more - that he wasn’t able to do with the first game. In part because he is well aware that gamers were disappointed that Fable wasn’t able to do all it claimed to.

Today, as GDC was winding down, Molyneux packed a ballroom with about 750 people who wanted to hear him explain the main features of Fable II.

The talk was originally titled as “The big three features revealed” but Molyneux’s title card for his presentation was amended to read “Three big features revealed / Actually its [sic] four now.”

Quite simply, the big features that will be in Fable II are:

  • drama: consequences to player action and behaviour
  • combat: simple, one-button combat that anyone can play and enjoy
  • co-op: participate in other people’s games as a henchman to gain experience, gold, and renown that you can then apply to your game

The one interesting tidbit that Molyneux left us with is that about six hours into Fable II, “you will walk into the room and someone will ask you to do something, and you’ll have to sacrifice something so precious to you as a gamer that you’ll put down the controller and think about it.”

He did not, however, reveal the fourth feature before his time ran out.

Fable II is scheduled for release this year, and will be available exclusively on Xbox 360.

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