Saturday, February 2, 2008

Playing Turok

One of the benefits to being a video game journalist is that I sometimes get to play games before they get released. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours playing through the first level of Turok, the reimagined version of the game developed here in Vancouver by Propaganda Games.

It's pretty great. It owes a debt to Halo and Gears of War - what first-person shooter doesn't? - but there is something subversive going on in Turok, and it has to do with the characters. One element of the original character that the Propaganda developers kept is that Turok is Native American. 

It's a rare video game that makes the protagonist a person of colour.

Aside from that, Turok looks great and has some slick gameplay to offer. I sure enjoyed myself.

Plus: dinosaurs galore. And you fight them with a knife.

On Monday, I'll be at Propaganda for most of the day at a press event. I'll throw up a report later that day, so check back.

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