Wednesday, February 20, 2008

GDC 2008: Help wanted

The annual Game Developer Conference is really about the business of making video games, as opposed to being about the games themselves.

For example, during my walk through the North Hall at San Francisco’s Moscone Conference Center, where the event is held, there are displays for technology firms promoting their middleware software and hardware developers showing off the technology that can make playing games a better experience.

There are also numerous country pavilions encouraging coverage of the developers in their area as well as trying to drum up business to be sent their way. “Come develop games in Germany! Look at the great games coming from Norway!”

More important to the video game industry, though, are the number of post-secondary education institutions that are present here. DeVry and the Art Institutes are here, as is Vancouver Film School.

In speaking with the game developers, the one thing they all have in common - aside from wanting to have a hit game - is they all are in dire need of staff. If you have any inclination to work in the industry, to get a job making video games, get that application in now.

They need you.

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