Thursday, February 7, 2008

Legendary: The Box coming this summer

E3 2007 was a different type of affair. Held in the hotels along the beach strip of Santa Monica, not the convention centre of Los Angeles, it was three days of exclusive appointments, instead of the usual free-for-all.

I didn't get a chance to book time to see the folks at Gamecock, but all journalists who hung out at the beachside motel taken over by Gamecock were all talking about Legendary: The Box, being developed by Spark Unlimited.

The game is about an art thief who steals Pandora's Box. You can imagine what happens when he opens it. If you can't, this is from the press release:

When he inadvertently opens it, he releases hordes of beasts thought to be fictional – such as werewolves and gryphons – into an unprepared modern world. A full scale war between man and myth begins, and it is quickly complicated by the actions of powerful secret societies. As the person responsible for releasing this terror, Deckard’s unwittingly become the only person capable of containing it once more and saving civilization from being destroyed by the terrifying creatures.
Today, Gamecock sent a note - from the company headquarters, the Cockpit in Austin, Texas - establishing Summer 2008 as the release date for Legendary. It's coming for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Note to self: make sure to schedule time with Gamecock at the next E3 in July.

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