Sunday, March 30, 2008

E3 2007 blogroll

Last summer, I was in Santa Monica, Cali., covering the E3 Media & Business Summit from Tuesday, July 9 through Friday, July 13. I’m loading my posts from the show here, for posterity, y’know?

Thursday, July 12, 4:00 p.m.

As you can tell by the pictures here, attending a trade show in Santa Monica is far more pleasant than hanging out in a convention centre.

Overall, the 'new' E3 has been good. Cutting the crowd from 60,000 to about 3,000 means I'm able to move around like I couldn't at previous events. Getting from one hotel room to another in time to meet my back-to-back appointments has been tricky at times, and I've been a few minutes late regularly. But I lucked out in that most of my meetings ended up being clustered in one location or another. Subconsciously I must have known something when I booked my schedule.

I haven't actually made it down to the beach; there's been too much going on, too many things to see.

Maybe it's enough to have seen the beach from a distance.

Maybe not.

Oh, I should mention one other thing. If you are visiting Santa Monica for any reason at all, don't jaywalk. Just don't do it.

Trust me.

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