Thursday, March 6, 2008

EA says collaboration with Thompson 'impossible'

Gamasutra today published the contents of an e-mail letter in which Electronic Arts tells Jack Thompson to stay away from them and their business.

Jack Thompson, in case you don't know, is a U.S. conservative activist (read: wacko) who has tried to make a career out of preaching his backwards opinions as facts. He continually misrepresents aspects of the video game industry in his one-man crusade to try and rid the industry of violence.

Thompson's nemesis is Take-Two Interactive, the publisher of Rockstar Games titles such as Manhunt 2 and Bully. Thompson has repeatedly tried to get those games banned in any territory where a judge will actually grant him court time.

Now Thompson has taken his personal battle against Take-Two to Electronic Arts, and offered his assistance in helping EA succeed in their takeover bid for Take-Two.

In an e-mail letter sent to EA shareholders and media, Thompson makes bizarre statements about the character of Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick:

Strauss Zelnick is not a 'Boy Scout' as he actually hilariously described himself in The Wall Street Journal this week. Strauss Zelnick is a "Boy Scout" like Jeffrey Dahmer was a gourmet cook. Zelnick proved that with his Take-Two golden parachute scam.

How did EA respond to such an interesting offer?

Well, they essentially told Thompson to take a hike. But they did it very politely:
In response to your offer to assist in the proposed acquisition of Take-Two, we would strongly prefer that you not get involved in this matter.... EA is a strong supporter of creative freedom for game developers. We feel that your past statements – including false claims about content in our games – make any collaboration with you impossible.

Nice one, EA.

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