Sunday, March 2, 2008

Read American Gods for free

I'm a book lover. Always have been. I spend more time reading books than I do watching television or movies or playing games.

For me, it all starts with books. I believe this should be a first principle for everyone.

One of my favourite writers is Neil Gaiman. And now he's made his book, American Gods, available to read for free. You can do so over at the HarperCollins site.

You can't download the book, only read it in some flash-like format at the site, which is not the greatest experience, but still.

It's American Gods, one of Gaiman's best, and it's free. For a limited time.

Off you go.

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Invisible G. said...

I'm an unusual woman. Because of an ex-boyfriend's intense love for comics, I must be the only woman on the planet who knows Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Greg Rucka, and many others.

My dirty secret is, I liked them too. Great writing, and completely plugged into my senses visually. In fact, my moniker is from a comic. Can you guess which one?

rawbean said...

I wish I read more....but I get too distracted by all the fun things in life! Like IT Crowd. Yes it does rule.

Blaine Kyllo said...

The original Invisible Girl was Sue Storm. Is that who you're referring to? Ellis' reimagining of that was not bad, although his original work is still much better.

I keep meaning to reread Transmetropolitan. Gotta get on that.

Invisible G. said...

Come now, give me some credit :) Surely I wouldn't make it that obvious. Good guess though. This comic was written by a Scottish lad. Think Doom Patrol, Animal Man etc. The force is with you to find the truth.

Blaine Kyllo said...

I actually figured that Morrison might be your flash point. Are you simply referring to The Invisibles as opposed to a specific character?

The Invisibles is another thing on my "need to re-read" list.

Begs the question, though: Which Invisible character are you?