Friday, March 7, 2008

Future Shop offers HD DVD trade in

One of those early adopter types who figured HD DVD might have a shot at winning the high-def DVD format war? Stuck with an HD DVD player that is suddenly and instantly yesterday's technology?

Future Shop can help.

Until April 3, Future Shop is offering consumers the opportunity to trade their HD DVD player for a $100 discount on a LG or Samsung Blu-ray Disc/HD DVD combo player.

This allows people who have a library of HD DVD movies to continue being able to watch them, while getting a Blu-ray player which is the new single format for high-definition DVDs.

Better yet is that it doesn't matter where you purchased the HD DVD player from. Future Shop is offering the $100 discount to customers whether they purchased their player at Future Shop or another retailer.

HD DVD players - which, it should be noted, are still useful as upconverting DVD players - that are collected by Future Shop in the campaign will be donated to Boys and Girls Clubs locations across Canada for use in their after-school and evening programs.

So you can upgrade your experience, while upgrading the experience of kids across Canada. Feel good about it all.

Get full details at your local Future Shop store.

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