Monday, January 7, 2008

CES 2008: Zune coming to Canada

As part of the Microsoft keynote briefing at the CES trade show in Las Vegas last night, Microsoft announced that Canadians will be able to get in on the Zune experience starting this spring.

There will be three models available:

  • Zune 80 GB
  • Zune 4 GB, Zune 8 GB
  • Zune Originals: customize your own player with laser-engravings
The Zune is an interesting MP3 player that includes wireless synchronization with a home network and an FM tuner.

The real disruptive thing about the Zune, though, is that Zune users can share music - wirelessly - with other Zune devices nearby.

Like that new song your friend is listening to? Get a loaner copy of the song onto your device and listen to it up to three times before deciding to get your own copy.

The Zune Marketplace - where you'll be able to buy songs, albums, and music videos - will be launched later this year, but a date has not been announced.

Anyone out there think that the Zune can steal any attention from the Touch?

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