Friday, January 11, 2008

Internal Soundtrack: Pop Goes the World

I've got two younger siblings, and when they were younger - like 2 and 4, or 3 and 5 - they hit this phase where they would not go to sleep without listening to Men Without Hats' Pop Goes the World.

Despite that album being the beginning of the end for the Montreal pop-synth band, it still has a soft spot for all of us, so I'm not surprised that the title track stuck in my head after I heard it in a store earlier today.

It was playing on some soft-rock FM radio station, and reminded me of how listening to the radio can remind you of songs you've forgotten about. It used to be that I used to listen to the radio to hear the new music, but most of that - for me - happens on the Internet these days. Love those CBC Radio 3 podcasts.

In tracking down an album cover image, I stumbled onto the band's Web site. It's news to me, but apparently Ivan and Stefan, the two Doroschuk brothers at the core of the group, reunited to release No Hats Beyond This Point in 2003. Anyone out there heard anything off that album?

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