Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Twenty mysterious games

Gamasutra, the web presence of the CMP Game Group (who publish Game Developer Magazine and produce the Game Developers Conference) is always a great place to find interesting articles about video games and gaming.

Yesterday, at Gamasutra, writer John Harris' look at twenty mysterious games published, in which he investigates games which "hide some aspect of their play or workings from the player. These are games in which the unraveling of hidden knowledge is essential to the game. These are games in which the player must solve mysteries - thus the word 'mysterious.' "

This is the fourth article in a series that Gamasutra editors call "Game Design Essentials," which look at design lessons that can be learned from certain types of games, and it is fascinating reading.

Earlier articles in the series include 20 unusual control schemes, 20 open world games, and 20 difficult games.

Any games you would add to those lists? What about new lists that you think might be interesting?

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