Saturday, January 19, 2008

Internal Soundtrack: Weighty Ghost

It didn't take much for "Weighty Ghost" to find its way onto the internal soundtrack this morning. It's cold and rainy here in Vancouver, and even though the morning light appears earlier than a month ago, it was still dark and grey.

At some point, while in the swimming pool with my 9-month-old daughter, I caught a guitar lick wafting through the air. Instantly, this song, by Halifax band Wintersleep (off their album Welcome to the Night Sky), was rolling through my head, the choral chorus suddenly there: "Oh, have you seen my ghost? Seen my ghost, seen my ghost? Oh, have you seen my ghost, staring at the ground?"

The banjo twang and organ drone give the song a melancholy that was quite appropriate as we walked home in the drizzle.

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